Source: The Economist, Joe Biden is taking executive action at a record pace, Daily Chart, January 22, 2021,

Joe Biden is signing executive orders at a record pace. In his first two days in office, he has signed 17 executive orders; more executive orders than Donald Trump did in nearly two months in office. Compared to his old boss, Barack Obama, he has surpassed him by a couple, but it took Obama at least 50+ days to do so.

Per The Economist,

In office, though, Mr Biden has been moving at a blistering pace. Within hours of being sworn in, he had recommitted America to the Paris climate accord; restored ties with the World Health Organisation; lifted a ban on travellers to America from several Muslim-majority countries; promised to protect from deportation “dreamers”, brought to America illegally as children; extended temporary freezes on household evictions and federal student-loan payments; mandated mask-wearing in airports, public transport and in federal buildings; and halted construction of the US-Mexico border wall. If that were not enough, he also did some redecorating. A portrait of FDR, famous for his productivity early in his term, now hangs on the wall of the Oval Office.

The chart below shows the pace President Biden has started on Day One in office. Compared to many of his predecessors from 1953-2021, he is on pace to break the record of executive orders signed in their first 100 days in office.

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