The Feel Wheel – How Are All of You Doing Out There?

I hope all of you are safe and healthy. Working at home does have its benefits, but it also has its drawbacks of being isolated from the rest of the world. My wife and I get up early every day, make sure we take showers and get dressed, and walk the dogs in the evenings to ensure we get some exercise. It is really desolate out there, even the grocery stores. It feels like something out of a science fiction movie where you are the last person on Earth.

I found this Feel Wheel from Geoffrey Roberts to be a timely dataviz. How are you feeling? Mr. Roberts explains his wheel like this.

A wheel of emotional words.

I work with people who have limited emotional vocabulary and as a result the intensity of their negative emotions and experiences is heightened because they can’t describe their feelings (especially their negative feelings). That’s why this list is heavily focused on negative emotions/ experiences. Being able to clearly identify how we are feeling has been shown to reduce this intensity of experience because it re-engages our rational mind.

I believe the first application of an emotion wheel in this style was from Dr. Gloria Willcox back in the early 80’s. The wheel I put together is much more comprehensive than her original wheel although I suspect she had a more studious approach. It’s possible the wheel I originally based mine on was created by a teacher named Kaitlin Robb, although I think her wheel is also an updated version of the earlier one I found circulating the internet.

I say a little prayer each night for our planet and all the people around the world. Stay safe. Stay healthy.


The Feel Wheel

Source: Geoffrey Roberts, I Feel – Emotional Word Wheel – The Feel Wheel,, March 5, 2015,

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