Tableau 2020.2 BETA Released Today

Planned Tableau 2020.2 Features

  • Metrics – Monitor the KPIs for your business from anywhere. Metrics are a fast and streamlined way to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs). They’re created from nearly any Tableau dashboard, enabling any business user to track their business data just like stocks in an investment portfolio. This new capability is optimized for monitoring on-the-go with the Tableau Mobile app for iOS and Android and is fully integrated with Tableau’s data and analytics platform. Metrics update automatically and display the most recent value on the grid and list view. This means that you don’t need to open a metric to see your data. If you have multiple dashboards you frequently check, you can create metrics for the key numbers from those dashboards and monitor them together, by adding them to your favorites or creating them in the same project.
  • Data Modeling Improvements – Analyze data at the right level of detail. Review the Relate Your Data: New Data Modeling Capabilities  help topic.
  • Tableau Prep – Salesforce Connector – More easily prepare your Salesforce data with a direct connection.
  • Tableau Prep – Incremental Refresh and Append – Add only the new rows of data when a Tableau Prep flow is run.
  • Tableau Catalog: Improved Data Discovery – Get a more granular view of the External Assets page.
  • Tableau Catalog: Dashboards in the Lineage – With the lineage tool, see all the data assets up and downstream, now, including dashboards.
  • High Visibility Data Quality Warnings – High visibility data quality warnings provide make sure your end users pay attention when there’s a warning on a data asset.
  • Open or upload Workbook On the Web – Sharing your work and exploring insights from others just got easier. You can now open a Tableau workbook, or upload it straight to the web without having to use Tableau Desktop.
  • Tableau Server Admin View Improvements – Get better insight into the health of your Tableau Server deployment. Review the Backgrounder Admin View Documentation  and Unused Content Admin View Documentation .
  • Ask Data – Data Roles – Data roles make it easy to add important context to field definitions and synonyms, and applies that information across data sources.
  • Ask Data – New Data Modeling Support – The New Data Model is also supported in Ask Data. This allows you to ask questions about different logical tables within Ask Data.
  • Ask Data – Custom Suggestions – With customized suggestions, data source owners can provide helpful and relevant prompts that give users insight to the data and the types of questions they can ask.
  • Set Control – Dynamically change the membership of a set. You might already be familiar with Set Actions , released in Tableau 2019.1. The Set Control and Set Actions are complementary features that both help to make your visualizations more interactive. Set Controls let your users choose set members from a list; Set Actions let your users select set members through direct interaction with the viz. Depending on your needs, you can use one or the other, or both together.
  • Set Actions: Add/Remove – Incrementally add to and remove values from a set.
  • Export to PowerPoint APIs – Using the REST API you can now export to PowerPoint in automated workflows and more
  • Manually Reorder Favorites – With Reorder Favorites, you can now put your most important items on top or order items by the content type
  • Updated Admin Schedules UI – The Admin Schedules UI has been updated, enhancing the experience Tableau Server Admins have when working with task schedules in Tableau Server. Review the Help Documentation .
  • Explain Data Improvements – Greater flexibility for dashboard authors. Dashboard authors now control which columns are modeled in Explain Data.
  • Tableau Bridge – Tableau Bridge has been updated to enhance your Role Definition, Centralized Management, and Scalability experiences.
  • OpenID Authentication for Tableau Mobile – With Tableau server configured with OpenID, you can now connect and sign-in to your server with the Tableau Mobile app.
  • Cert-based (Mutual SSL) Authentication for Tableau Mobile – Using Tableau server with an authentication scheme that requires a client certificate on your mobile device, you can now connect and sign-in to your server with the Tableau Mobile app.
  • Esri Web Data Connector – Connect to your Esri data.
  • Oracle Spatial – Connect natively to Oracle spatial data.
  • Latest Data from Published Extracts – Workbooks will display the latest data and be consistent across multiple user’s sessions.
  • Keyboard Accessible Parameters – Parameters on the Web are now fully keyboard accessible.
  • DSD Device List Update – We’ve updated the list of DSD devices to include the latest and those most used with Tableau.
  • Dashboard Starters on Home – Tableau Online site admins can now easily discover and use the Dashboard Starters from the Home page. –
  • Export Crosstab UX Improvements – The Export Crosstab user interface has been updated to make it a more seamlessly intuitive experience.
  • Connect to Oracle using JDBC – Database connections to Oracle can now use a JDBC driver to connect.
  • pFC (preFlightCheck) – Detect common errors and issues with permissions, credentials and ports that may occur during a Tableau Server upgrade or install.
  • Extract Query Load Balancing – We are introducing new load balancing capabilities to Tableau Server enabled for Server. Queries issues to Hyper will be routed to the node based on a server health metric instead of the previous method of random selection.
  • Multiple External Services Connections for Tableau Server – Server administrators can now configure multiple external service (R/Python) connections in Tableau Server.
  • View recommendations on Tableau Mobile – View recommendations on Tableau Mobile are personalized suggestions that instantly connect you to relevant vizzes on the go.
  • Resource Monitoring Tool for Linux – You can now install the Resource Monitoring Tool with your Linux based Tableau Server deployment.

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