Ten New Additions Added to My Favorite Data Analytics & Data Visualization Blogs List


Merry Christmas!

I just added 10 new entries to My Favorite Data Analytics & Data Visualization Blogs list. These blogs are from The Flerlage Twins (Ken and Kevin), Nicole Lohr, Chantilly Jaggernauth, Sam Parsons, Alberto Lucas Lopez, Mark Connolly, Dorian Banutoiu, Jim Dehner, and Lisa Adell Carlson.

I am slowing putting the blogs in alphabetical order. Please bear with the structure of the list while it is under construction. Many of the blogs are under the “MORE BLOGS” section until I can put them in their proper alphabetical order.

I apologize if you contacted me and I left your blog out. I was keeping track of them, but did not do as good a job of it as I would have liked. Please send me your information again to Tableau@cox.net and I will get it in the January 2020 update.

There are now 180 blogs in my list.

In the screenshot below, you can see how to get to this page from my DataVizBlog homepage or you can use the link below.

Link to Blogs


If you have a data analytics or data visualization blog and don’t see it included in my list, please drop me an e-mail at tableau@cox.net and provide me your name, site name, site link and RSS Feed (if you have one). I will add you to the list.

Best regards,


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