So, I am a few week’s behind on my Makeover Monday goals. This one in particular took a lot of time to create. For full disclosure, I used Meera Umasankar’s, 17 Goals to Transform Our World, as a model for what I wanted to create. See screenshot snippet below of Meera’s dataviz.

Meera Umasankar’s, 17 Goals to Transform Our World

Meera created a beautiful dataviz for this week’s assignment. She used some techniques I have wanted to try out for a while, in particular, how she created her bar chart to show percent of total as a filled bar and total percent as an outline bar. I especially liked her use of icons. I did not use them, but she took an additional step and created image icons for each of the SDG goals. That is true dedication on her part! Here is a link to her dataviz on Tableau Public. Take a look at it; it is clean, easy to read and well-crafted.

In my dataviz, I have each SDG as a “row” in my dashboard, and each row is a horizontal container. This is something I had to do for a project at work, so I was fairly familiar with how to design and implement it. I also created a KPI for the number of countries responses came from.

Here is the link to my dataviz for this week on Tableau Public.

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