Infographic: Every Company Disney Owns


Over a decade or so ago, I worked for the Walt Disney Company. I remember my very first day, walking through the Burbank Studio campus to HR orientation, I teared up as I was in disbelief that I was actually working for the company that I considered my dream job. I was walking in the same steps that Walt walked.

In the HR orientation room, they had mapped out on the wall all of the companies that Disney owned. I was surprised how many companies were owned by Disney back then (e.g., ESPN, ABC). Boy, have things changed since then!

I recently read a blog by Jacob Siegal where he shows an extensive infographic of all of the companies that Disney owns. NOTE: Source reference provided at the end of this post.

Below is a screenshot snippet of what I believe my old group is now called (shown in a red rectangle). Back then, it was the Disney Interactive Media Group.

Disney recently acquired 21st Century Fox and I have shown two screenshots below all of the companies that entails.

Disney’s acquisition of Marvel has provided a comprehensive group of movies around their superhero properties, and Avengers: Endgame could end up being the #1 money earner of all time by the end of summer.

Of course, most people are familiar with Disney acquiring Lucasfilm several years ago. Here is what they acquired for a few billion dollars or so.

I had always thought Disney would be my last job. But sometimes fate (or God) have other plans for you. My wife was diagnosed with cancer, which required me to return to Arizona. Thankfully, the cancer is gone and she has made a full recovery.

I have put the entire infographic in my Dropbox. The link to it is provided below.

Dropbox Link:

With Disney owning so many companies, it truly is a small world after all.



Source: Siegal, Jacob, See every company that Disney owns collected in a single, enormous map, Boy Genus Report, April 18, 2019,

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