DataViz: Rats in the City (National Geographic)


Marris, Emma, How rats became an inescapable part of city living, National Geographic Magazine, April 2019.

Photographs By Charlie Hamilton James


I remembering reviewing all of the Rat Sightings in New York City data visualizations that were created during Week 27 of Make Over Monday.

National Geographic just published a great story titled How rats became an inescapable part of city living in the April 2019 issue of National Geographic. I wanted to share with you a data visualization they included in their article.

This visual show, by increasing the size of the word “RATS” over time, how quickly an urban rat colony can grow based on starting with a litter of nine pups ten weeks into the year. This litter would grow to 11,907 rats by the year’s end.

I don’t want to take away any of the thunder of this great piece, so I have included a link to this article on the National Geographic web site here.

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