Sports DataViz: A History of Clemson Football (Charles Apple)


Charles Apple

I have been a big fan of Charles Apple’s work for a long time. I have blogged about him and his work in the past (see “Charles Apple” in my Categories on the right or do a search for “Charles Apple” on my blog).

Charles Apple (photo, right) is a visual journalist, instructor, and blogger. 

Charles is a big Clemson football fan and created a great infographic titled A History of Clemson Football. I have included the infographic as one complete view. Then, I broke the infographic into three larger sequential pieces so you can view it better.

Mr. Apple posted this infographic on Facebook yesterday. His comments on this post were as follows.

This was a bit of an afterthought — I probably should have finished it earlier and I probably should have tried to market it to more papers. This shows Clemson football wins, losses, national rankings and national championships going back to the start of their program in 1896. My pals “back home” at the Greenwood (S.C.) Index-Journal were kind enough to give this one a home.

I hope you enjoy Mr. Apple’s creative infographic as much as I do. Congrats, on the big Clemson win!

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