DataViz as Art: How to Draw a Black Guy (CM Campbell)


CM CampbellCM Campbell discusses social commentary through the comics he draws. In this particular one, he addresses stereotypes and misconceptions by using humor and references to comics and cartoons that were very tone deaf for their times.

Mr. Campbell received his BA in Fine Art with a studio emphasis at San Francisco State University, and his MFA in Comics at California College of the Arts. He grew up in Evanston, Illinois and lives in Brooklyn, New York.

More of Mr. Campbell’s work can be found here.

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Source: CM Campbell, How to Draw a Black Guy,, March 13, 2018,


How to draw a black guy


One thought on “DataViz as Art: How to Draw a Black Guy (CM Campbell)

  1. “We’ll discuss this again in 2020” well my guy, I’m sad to say, 2020 is a shitshow. So it’s still a no go

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