Tableau 2018.3 Beta 2 New Features

Density Mark Type (Heatmap) – The Beta Team brought heatmaps, a powerful new mark type, to Tableau. With one click, turn millions of marks into a meaningful representation of your data. Understand where there are concentrations of points, and identify patterns in seconds—whether on a map or scatterplot.

Heat Map Density Mark

Heat Map Density Mark Color Palette

Navigation Action – The Beta Team brought a new action type to Tableau. Easily add navigation between sheets with the navigation action, now available as an option in the actions dialog.

Navigation Action 1Navigation Action 2

JDBC Driver-Based Connections – You’ve asked and it’s almost here! Due to customer demand, The Beta Team has started working on adding support for using JDBC driver-based connections similar to the Other ODBC functionality in Tableau today.

Increased Column Limit for Tables – In this release, The Beta Team has increased the upper bound on the column limit, allowing users to create tables with up to 50 dimension columns.

Column Limit

Filter Query Cancellation on the Web – In Tableau 2018.3 you can cancel long-running filter queries on the Web, just like on Tableau Desktop.

TabCmd Auto-Completion on Linux – This feature enables built-in auto-completion of commands for TabCmd on Linux.

Web Save Performance Improvement – With this improvement web authoring users will experience a much faster response time when saving a workbook on the web.

Connect to Google Big Query data – Gain access to the trove of data in Google BigQuery by connecting to your data directly from the web.

Data Enhancements for the Web – Connect to OneDrive and Dropbox to download and open Excel and CSV files, all on the web.

Web Authoring Improvements – In 2018.3, you will have more control over the size of annotations, duplicate a worksheet as a cross tab, and more.

Spatial Data Updates – ESRI Geodatabase, KML, and TopoJSON support. Tableau now supports new spatial file connections to ESRI File Geodatabases and TopoJSON files. The Beta Team updated the spatial file connector to support KML files with multiple layers.

Tableau Bridge Improvements – With this release, Tableau Bridge admins will be able to see more data around the performance of their extract refreshes and how best to manage them.

New User Notifications – New single-sign on users get an automatic email notification when they are added to a Tableau Online site. The email lets users know where to sign-in and tips for using Tableau.

Identity Auto-Sync with SCIM for Tableau Online – Streamline the user permissioning process by auto-syncing with your existing cloud-based ID management systems. Seamlessly grant or remove access to Tableau by permissioning users in Okta and OneLogin.

Tableau Mobile for Citrix XenMobile and Microsoft Intune – You can now add MDM solutions Citrix XenMobile and Microsoft Intune via AppConfig for Tableau Mobile.

Tableau Mobile for Blackberry – Blackberry customers are now able to deploy a special version of Tableau Mobile that is compatible with the Blackberry Dynamics MDM platform.


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