Infographics: Las Vegas Mass Shooting


Start of soapbox.

I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and believer in the right to bear arms. But, back in the 1700s in the early U.S. founding States, I do not think our forefathers were thinking of citizens stockpiling weapons that can kill mass amounts of people in a few seconds or minutes. We cannot continue to rely on a vaguely written amendment (where the wording and placement of commas in the single run-on sentence still stirs debate and controversy with constitutional lawyers and others to this day) with the current military weapons we have today. A group of Congress men and women continue to baffle me by wanting to change the laws to put weapons in the hands of the mentally ill, limit restrictions on the personal sale of guns at gun shows, etc. During the Obama administration, the NRA kept this narrative going by constantly sending me dire warning e-mails that President Obama and his goons were coming any day to take away my guns, so please continue to contribute to us (re: The NRA) so we can prevent that. It never happened and never was going to happen.

President Trump said Hillary was coming for our guns and it helped get him elected. I don’t think she wanted them either.

I listened to Jimmy Kimmel’s remarks the other night on the Las Vegas massacre and how he tried to find the logic on limiting restrictions on guns. President Trump and the NRA use this as a personal tool for their own political and financial gain (personally, I don’t believe the President really has a strong opinion on this; it is just another issue that appeals to his base, so he “strongly” supports it (as long as it will help him get re-elected).

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, President Trump’s Press Secretary, says now is not the time to discuss gun control. We can wait and have this conversation later.

We can’t wait to start this conversation. The time is now.

Actually, the time was after the Sandy Hook shootings or even earlier after the Columbine shootings. We need our congressional leaders to grow a backbone and properly represent their constituents and do the right thing for their well being and safety. Focusing on their re-election and the money the NRA pours into their campaigns should make them ashamed of themselves.

Congress: Stick to your oath and serve the American people you swore under oath, on a Bible, to do.

O.K., end of soapbox.

Here are some infographics and other data visualizations related to the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

I don’t want to sound trite, but kudos to first responders, police, fire, SWAT, and fellow concert goers who risked their own life and limb to help others (and some who died in the process).

I still believe most people are good and are willing to help and care for others. We live in the best country in the world and God bless our citizens.

Stay safe and include the victims of Las Vegas in your prayers tonight.

Best regards,


P.S. No, I am not a Liberal, Democrat, Snowflake, or whatever else you want to call me to justify you keeping several dozen AK-47s in your basement. I am a gun owning, moderate, American-born citizen, who loves his country, his flag, supports our military, and would die to keep this country safe.

















One thought on “Infographics: Las Vegas Mass Shooting

  1. Re: Vegas Shooter -UR asking the wrong Qs: What was Paddock HIGH ON??

    Why NO Official Toxicology Report??

    WHO are they protecting?

    Are you aware of the well documented facts about SSRI Antidepressant use and Gun Violence??

    See my website. Skip my 2 minute introduction and go right to the important Journalists and Physician who spell it all out.


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