Infographic: Guide to Typography and Fonts (THELOGOCOMPANY.NET)

Typography is associated with great design for web and print. However, it was not so long ago that typesetting for printing presses was the norm. During this era of typesetting, many technical terms evolved for the construction and makeup of fonts and layout. It was like a secret code for typesetters, where few outside of the industry had any knowledge of the terms being used. The Logo Company has put together this clever graphic that decodes these technical terms associated with type and explains the meaning of each term in simple, plain English, that anyone can understand.





  1. Type and Fonts More over color play significant role in website and its popularity, Color is another important element that plays a crucial role in the design of a custom business logo. Although there are many colors in the palette, all of them are not suitable to represent your business. Colors get noticed first and viewers make their impression of your business through them so it is necessary to use colors that convey the message of your business in the best possible way.

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