Infographic: Color Theory


Each week, I receive one or two data visualization examples from you folks out in the trenches.

Bethany Emerson, Outreach Specialist at Ghergich & Co., sent me an interesting infographic on color theory they helped develop for

 Bethany states:

We teamed up with Quill to create an infographic on color theory. We cover important terms and principles of color theory including, primary, secondary, and tertiary; complementary and analogous; passive and aggressive. Considering color surrounds us — in different hues, saturations, and combinations — its worth knowing how to describe and use it effectively.

So here is Bethany’s infographic. If you want to reach her and discuss it some more, she can be reached at

If you have an interesting data visualization or infographic, please fell free to forward them to me. I am always happy to help promote work out in the field.

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2 thoughts on “Infographic: Color Theory

  1. I didn’t realize how bad I was with choosing colors until I started comparing colors used on graphs and charts. Color choice makes such a big difference for readability and engagement.

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