Political DataViz: Who Lies More – A Comparison (Robert Mann) – UPDATED

UPDATE – October 23, 2016


I have updated my data from the latest data on Politifact.com for my interactive version of this chart that is published on Tableau Public. Click here to go to my blog post about this workbook.



UPDATE – September 21, 2016


I have created my own interactive version of this chart and published it to Tableau Public. Click here to go to my blog post about this workbook.



UPDATE – August 6th, 2016


The author of the chart below, Robert Mann, reached out to me today. Robert has created a website where he explains the methodology he used to create this chart and answer some of your questions.

You can visit Robert’s web site by clicking here.

Below is some information about Robert and his web site.

Best Regards,


The purpose of this blog is to provide accessible, data-driven analysis about United States politics, space exploration, and occasionally other topics. While politics and space might at first seem to be an odd marriage, I find it natural to discuss them together. Our progress as a nation (and as a species) in the 21st century will hinge largely on breakthroughs related to space exploration, and our progress in space exploration will hinge largely on the political choices we make. My approach to everything here is to look at the big picture and communicate with facts. Yes, different opinions and debates are welcome.

In 2013, I graduated from North Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Arts in English. My passion for planetary science dates all the way back to my childhood and was reinforced by the Cassini and New Horizons missions. I became interested in politics during the 2008 presidential election, the first in which I was old enough to vote. Having the right to vote — the right to help shape the course of history — is an awesome power that should never be taken for granted. I decided to research the candidates and policy in general, and have not stopped since.

Another hobby of mine is tracking (and sometimes chasing) hurricanes. Although not this blog’s main topic of discussion, I will post any personal hurricane chase videos here. I also enjoy music, traveling, spending time with my amazing girlfriend, and learning about the history of the world.

–Robert Mann


Who Lies More - A Comparison

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