New from Pop Chart, the Charted Collection of Contemporary Footwear is a handy cheat sheet for any shoe closet.

Can’t tell the difference between a slingback espadrille wedge and a peep-toe ankle strap platform wedge? The prolific infographic design studio Pop Chart Lab has you covered. The Charted Collection of Contemporary Footwear is a handy, color-coded cheat sheet of the many shoes the modern woman might go sauntering—or, in some cases, teetering—out of the house wearing.

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Not to be confused with Pop Chart’s previous attempt to catalog all of Carrie Bradshaw’s shoes, the new chart breaks down all contemporary footwear into color-coded categories: gladiators, loafers, sneakers, high heels, sandals, lace-ups, T-straps, Mary Janes, and so on. Each of these categories is then, appropriately enough, arranged in boxes, which are connected to one another genealogically by dotted lines.

The Charted Collection of Contemporary Footwear catalogs more than 90 pairs of shoes, the combined price tag of which would doubtlessly stagger even Mr. Big. Luckily, the poster itself is much cheaper: in honor of New York Fashion Week, which gets underway today, the Charted Collection of Contemporary Footwear is available as an 18″ x 24″ print for just $23. Shoe collectors have something to aspire to.


Source: John Brownlee, An Illustrated Guide To The Galaxy Of Women’s Shoes, Co.DESIGN, Fast Company, September 4, 2014,

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