Infographic: Occupation Preoccupations

Working a 9-to-5 (or more) is something that most of us can relate to. Every day is either good, bad or ugly! But regardless of whatever the work day has in store for us, we seem to always let our minds get ahead of us. Our minds often ramble on about the most random things. Unfortunately, this means that our minds are not engaged in our work. That’s okay though.

We do not need to be 100% “on” at work everyday. It is O.K. to think about yesterday’s lunch or wonder about who the new person is in the office.

Also another major concern in the work place; realizing that you work too much! Sure you have bills to pay! We all do. But don’t stress about it. You got it covered. Don’t be that work-a-holic that stays late and comes in first every single day.

While at work, think about the fact that you are great at work and that you also have a life to live. Be good to yourself!

Occupation Preoccupations

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