Infographic: Austin Sucks. Don’t Think of Moving There!


I have a confession to make.

I love Austin, Texas.

So, I know you are saying “So What?” Well, I am a Texas A&M University Aggie. We are quietly taught to hate all things associated with ut – The University of Texas at Austin. However, my wife had business every month in Austin while I was working and studying at TAMU. I would take the opportunity to go with her for her two-day trips each month and explore. One of my favorite places was the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library. I loved to walk through the exhibits there.

I also liked Marc Katz’s delicatessen, a West Sixth Street institution. I missed good deli food in College Station and I was able to get my fix here every month. unfortunately, the deli closed several years ago after being in business for 31 years.

With those fond memories in mind, I am sharing an infographic from the Austin Business Journal from an article by staff writer Chad Swiatecki.

So, if you are thinking of moving to Austin, don’t expect a welcome mat. I suggest you try Portland instead.

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Russel, a graphic designer, admits humor was the basis of her new “Austin Sucks” infographic that’s been making the rounds on social networks around Austin— scroll down the page to see the image. The 26-year-old got the inspiration for the image last week when a graphic from Complete Web Resources laying out reasons why Austin was an attractive destination made the rounds online.

“When I posted that I got a lot of responses from friends telling me to stop trying to get people to move here,” she said. “That got me thinking and I love Austin, but I thought this was a funny way to have a take on it.”

Four hours later Russel had her finished product that lists lack of public transportation, extreme heat and overzealous dog owners as drawbacks of living in Austin, while also reminding that “Dallas and Houston are amazing… you should move there.” The 2-by-3-foot print is available for sale on her Etsy store, along with other images she’s created.

Not that she needs the money, with a season of design work lined up for a high-level political campaign and recent work for Friends of Auditorium Shores and the Flatwater Foundation following her stint working for Livestrong.

She’s also forthcoming about the inevitable question about her Austin roots, or lack thereof since she’s a Colorado Springs, Colo. native who moved to Austin four years ago after graduating from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

“I hoped people would like it and respond to it even thought I’m not sure I have a right to complain about other people moving here,” she said. “I thought it was a unique approach on Austin, which I do think is an amazing place to live.”

Austin Sucks

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