Readers. 2020 has been a life changing year around the world. It was like a tsunami of events ranging from the introduction of the Coronavirus and the death and destruction in its path; racial injustice marked by the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and many more; the U.S. 2020 Presidential Election; the passing of […]

Source: _tayganOC, Top 20 Words Tweeted by @realDonaldTrump over 12 months,, /dataisbeautiful, March 22, 2018,  

Readers: Today I am sharing Roman Bord’s top 5 user interface design trends for 2017. Mr. Bord had originally published this on Enjoy! Best regards, Michael Top 5 User Interface Design Trends in 2017 By Roman Bord, Mobile market shows a huge growth every year. It’s not a secret that more and more […]

The old adage “You get what you pay for” applies in most situations. Apparently not in the NFL. With the 2014 season in the books, compiled a list of the 25 highest-paid quarterbacks in terms of yearly average salary (data via and charted how they fared, as measured by wins. Some of the […]

Readers: So, when I left Detroit Monday evening, they had just reached their fourth snowiest winter of all recorded time. The Detroit Free Press newspaper had even included this infographic to show you snowfall in Detroit and its surrounding areas plus the all-time snowiest winter vertical bar chart. However, by midnight, an additional 3.5 inches of […]

Readers: As many of you know, I consult through Caserta Concepts. Joe Caserta, CEO and founder of the company, co-authored the industry best seller, The Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit, with Ralph Kimball. I’m proud to announce that Caserta Concepts has just been listed by CIO Review magazine as one of the Top 20 Data Analytics Consulting […]

Before I discuss this graph, I wanted to point out that one of my co-workers sent this to me. I send a lot of data visualization examples around the company to expose our business partners to different ways data can be seen. This is important because too often during a requirements session, someone will ask […]