Many data scientists have years of higher education invested in becoming one. In their professional work life, they have had to probably go through many rings of fire before elevated to the title of data scientist in their organizations. Based on personal experience, reading through college curriculums, blog posts from data scientists, research companies’ papers […]

The field of Data Science and the role of a Data Scientist are hot commodities right now. IBM predicts the demand for Data Scientist will increase 28% by the year 2020. [14] Demand is so high in fact, that in the screenshot below, I show an advertisement from one of many companies that offer data […]

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are hot topics in the IT industry these days. Approximately 54% of organizations are making substantial investments in AI with company leaders having high hopes for how they can be used to improve and automate business processes. That number is supposed to jump to 63% in three years, according to the 2017 […]