Historical DataViz: 10 Royal Family Christmas Cards throughout time

Source: Bonner, Mehera, Here’s Literally Every Royal Family Christmas Card We Could Get Our Hands On, Cosmopolitan, December 2, 2020, https://www.cosmopolitan.com/entertainment/celebs/g34834393/royal-family-christmas-cards/.


Happy holidays as we near the end of this crazy year.

Here are 10 of the best royal Christmas cards throughout the years from an article in Cosmopolitan magazine. I tried to include the ones I thought were most interesting from a historical perspective.

Stay safe. Stay well.


(Above) From 1914, a Christmas card from Queen Mary and King George to the British troops.
(Above) From 1942. A young then-Princess Elizabeth—who went on to become Queen Elizabeth. She is Prince Charles’ mother, and grandmother to Prince William and Prince Harry. This is her holiday card to the Grenadier Guards regiment of the British Army.
(Above) From 1952. A young Prince Charles and Princess Anne with their parents, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.
(Above) From 1957. A color Christmas card featuring the royal family and two of their dogs (Prince Charles is seen kneeling and petting the dogs).
(Above) From 1984. Diana and Charles with Prince William and Prince Harry.
(Above) From 1999. Prince Charles’ personal Christmas, featuring him with William, and Harry.
(Above) From 2005. Charles and Camilla used this photo from their wedding as their official card in 2005—the two people next to Camilla are her kids Laura Lopes and Tom Parker Bowles.
(Above) From 2015. Charles and Camilla in a more casual, relaxed look.
(Above) From 2018. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte, and Prince George.
(Above) From 2018. Meghan and Harry watching fireworks at their wedding. The couple’s first Christmas card.

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