Tableau Community Spotlight: An Interview with Lukas Halim (

Lukas Halim Bio

I’m the head honcho at and I teach classes to prepare students for the Tableau Specialist and Tableau Certified Associate exams on Udemy. For my day job, I’m a data science advisor at Cigna, focusing on pharmacy data and opioid abuse.



Michael: Hello, Lukas. You are founder of LearningTableau. For full disclosure, I purchased your Tableau Desktop Associate prep exams to study for my certification that I recently passed.

Can you tell my readers a bit about LearningTableau and the kinds of services you offer?

Lukas: It’s really very simple – Tableau offers five certifications – three levels of Tableau Desktop and two levels of Tableau Server. I provide resources for the first two levels of the Desktop certification – Tableau Desktop Specialist and Tableau Desktop Certified Associate. The Udemy courses go through the curriculum and include practice questions and practice exams. The LearningTableau website has the same practice exams sold separately for those who already have familiarity with the material and just want to take some practice exams.

Michael: Besides LearningTableau, you are a Data Scientist for Cigna Healthcare. Can you discuss what a Data Scientist does and how you use Tableau in your current role?


My experience has been quite varied. It’s been everything from opportunity analysis – where we estimate the potential impact of a proposed initiative – to evaluation (retrospective analysis using matching or randomized control trials) to predictive modeling. I’ve also done a lot of small projects using SQL and Tableau to answer business questions, and I did a large project spanning multiple years where we calculated the effectiveness of our drug utilization management programs.

Michael: Can you provide some recommendations for people in the Tableau community who are preparing for the Tableau Desktop Associate Exam?


Realize that you may need to troubleshoot your machine setup before you are able to take the exam. I got so stuck on trying to get logged in to the virtual machine that I’ve had to give up and reschedule my exam, then switch computers to get it to work.

Be careful with special keys when you are on the virtual machine… hitting escape will close the session and you’ll have to ask the proctor for help.

If you’re paying the $250 exam fee, it’s probably best to over-prepare… it stinks to pay that money and then not pass.

Right now through June 30th Tableau is offering 90 days of free elearning… so sign up now! The elearning includes numerous assessment questions.

Michael: What is next on your “To Do” list? What can the Tableau community expect to see from you in the near future?

Lukas: One challenge is that Tableau keeps improving their software! In particular, version 2020.2 introduced “relationships” which are sort of a more flexible version of a blend and made some changes to the data pane. So I need to update all my course material and practice tests to reflect the current version.

Another initiative I’m starting now is to translate the practice tests into other languages. The Tableau certifications aren’t just given in English – they’re also given in Japanese, Simplified Chinese, German, French, Brazilian Portuguese and International Spanish. We’re starting with Spanish and Chinese and we’ll see how it goes.

Finally, once that is done I may try my hand at a Python or SQL course. We’ll see!

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