Animal Meat that Can Carry the Coronavirus


One of my favorite sources for infographics is The South China Morning Post. They have created a wonderful infographic that explains Covid-19 in great visual detail. Here is the link.

I thought I would post about one aspect of this story: the animal meats where the virus may have originated.

The outbreak has been linked to Wuhan’s Huanan Wholesale Seafood Market, which has since been closed. Weeks after the market in the city in central China became ‘ground zero’, the authorities said human-to-human transmission played a role in the outbreak.

Animal meat that can carry the virus

Coronavirus represents a wide variety of viruses present in animals that can in certain circumstances jump to humans. Contact with meat from various animals sold in Huanan Wholesale Seafood Market has been established as the likely cause of the first reported human infections.


Types of animal meat said to be available circulating online in China.

Source: SCMP Graphics, Coronavirus: the new disease Covid-19 explained, South China Morning Post, February 18, 2020,

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