Tableau 2020.1 Beta Announced Today

Dynamic parameters

Say goodbye to republishing workbooks with parameters every time the underlying data changes. Set your parameter once, and Tableau will automatically update the parameter’s list of values every time someone opens the workbook.

Viz animations

Viz animations help you see and understand your changing data. It’s easy to track the logical steps behind data’s evolution and tell powerful data stories. Sorting, filtering, adding fields, and other actions will now smoothly animate your visualizations. Choose whether to turn Viz Animations on or off, and decide how you’d best like to apply animations to your new workbooks.

Buffer by distance calculations

Buffer calculations allow you to visualize the distance around point locations. Give Tableau three parameters—location, distance, and a unit of measure—and a buffer, or boundary is instantly created. Answering complex spatial questions becomes easier than ever before—visualize what properties are within 200 meters of a proposed transit site, or how many competitors’ stores are within 1 mile of their store, and more.

Customizable Discover Pane for Tableau Desktop

You can now customize the Discover Pane that appears on the start page in Tableau Desktop to show your own custom content instead of the content Tableau shows by default. Provide links and information specific to your organization to make it easier for your users to get started using Tableau quickly. Learn more about it here.

Explain Data improvements

Explain Data continues to get better and better with performance improvements for wide datasets, and refined models to help you go deeper into your data.

Easy dashboard export

A new dashboard object allows users to easily export a dashboard in the format you determine. Quickly choose the export format, image type, and button styles to make any dashboard easily exportable for end users.

Dashboard Extensions for Tableau Public

With extensions, you can create more customized visualizations now supporting the Image Map Filter, Single Checkbox Parameters, and Filter Bookmarks extensions on Tableau Public. These extensions are available for download in our Extension Gallery.

Play button in the browser

For workbooks using pages, press play directly in the browser to see how a given measure affects the rest of your data. Combine with Viz Animations for smooth, coherent transitions showing changes between states or over time.

Map improvements in the browser

Control more aspects of your map in the browser. Change background map styles, repeat backgrounds, map layers, and demographic data layers. In addition, the style picker dropdown makes it easier to find and distinguish between map styles.

Login-based license management

Login-based license management allows Creators to activate Tableau Desktop or Tableau Prep by simply logging-in to these products with their Tableau Server credentials, no product key needed. Admins can assign, monitor, and reclaim Tableau Desktop or Tableau Prep access directly from Tableau Server instead of distributing license keys to end users. This licensing option is available to role based customers. Contact your account team to learn more.

Lock nested project permissions

You can now control the permission settings separately for content in a project and any nested projects it contains. Improve navigation and organization of your site’s content and allow site admins to delegate more effectively to non-admins.

External File Store for Tableau Server

As part of the Server Management Add-on, you can now leverage network storage devices for backup snapshots which significantly reduces the time required to perform a back up. You can also use this new capability to streamline your deployment topology by centralizing your file store, eliminating the need to run file stores on multiple nodes in a Tableau Server Cluster.

Improved site role allocation limits

Tableau has improved the way Server and site admins limit the number of license types on their sites. This update will also allow Server admins to delegate license allocation to site admins.

Filter by certified data sources

With the Data Management Add-on, users can now filter to a particular connection type or data sources with certifications or data quality warnings in the Connect to data experience. Get to the right data, faster.

Limit user visibility to user attributes in Tableau Catalog

With the Tableau Data Management Add-on, limit user information, such as name, display name, and email to Creators and Admins.

Create a workbook from External Assets

Connect to the right data more quickly by creating a workbook directly from the External Assets page.

Google BigQuery, Google Sheets, and Cloudfile connectors for Tableau Catalog

Get to the right data, faster. See Google BigQuery, Google Sheets and Cloudfile connections in the Tableau Catalog Connect to experience when the Data Management Add-on is enabled on your deployment.

Level of Detail calculations in Prep Builder

Simplify the ability to prepare and analyze your data at multiple levels of granularity with Level of Detail calculations in Tableau Prep Builder. No more multi-step flows to get the desired aggregation. Instead, use Tableau Prep’s visual and easy to use calculations.

More Initial SQL Parameters supported in Prep

You can now use the TableauServerUser, TableauServerUserFull, TableauApp, TableauVersion, and WorkbookName as parameters in your Initial SQL for Tableau Prep.

More Initial SQL Parameters supported in Prep

Use Initial SQL in Tableau Prep to pass more parameters to the database.

Connector improvements

See even more of your data in Tableau.

Salesforce Connector Updates

Tableau updated their Salesforce connector to provide faster performance, greater flexibility, and even more data to play with. First, they changed the way they connect to Salesforce data; the connector now dynamically switches APIs depending on how large your dataset is, greatly increasing performance. Additionally, the Salesforce connector also now supports using the SOQL language in the same way that Custom SQL can be used today, adding flexibility to your analysis. Finally, you will now be able to connect to additional data objects like Salesforce Activity History and Campaign Influence, giving you even more data to see and understand in Tableau.

Snowflake Connector Updates

Tableau added Snowflake Role support. It is now possible to override the default role in the Snowflake dialog, and the role defined in the connection can be applied in OAuth scenarios.

Impala Connector

Connect to your Cloudera Impala data natively on Tableau Desktop or from the web authoring experience on Tableau Server or Tableau Online.


The capabilities shown above are not currently available and may not be ready on time or at all. Tableau advises customers to make their purchasing decisions based upon features currently available and upgrade to the latest version of Tableau to enjoy the latest capabilities.

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