Tableau v2019.2 Beta 2 Features

Tableau 2019.2 Beta 2 is now available!

Tableau Software just announced that Tableau 2019.2 Beta 2 is now available on their beta site. Check out the new features in this final beta release (which means we should be seeing v2019.2 GA real soon, I hope!).

You can join Tableau’s Pre-Release program at where you can download Tableau 2019.2 Beta 2 and access the test scenarios and feature documentation prepared for you to use during your Beta 2 testing.

Here is a list of features available in Tableau v2019.2 Beta 2.

  • Parameter Actions Beta 2 Update – You now have the ability to visually change a parameter’s value. Use parameter actions to drive reference lines, calculations, filters, and SQL queries simply by interacting with marks on a viz, bringing visual interactivity to your data like never before.

In Beta 2, Tableau is enhancing Parameter Actions with a new option that lets you visually aggregate multiple values and assign the output to a parameter.

With this improvement, you can now interactively retrieve selection summary statistics/values with zero calculations!

  • LeftNav, Favorites and Recents Beta 2 Updates – A new left navigation brings easier access to key pages and content in Tableau Server and Online. Find your favorite and recent content, including projects and Prep flow, at the top.

Make This My Start Page

Navigate to your Favorites page.

Set this as your start page.

  • Ask Data – Multiple Sheets – In Tableau 2019.2 Beta 2 you can now add multiple sheets within the Ask Data experience. Similar to the current Tableau pattern, simply click on the add sheet icon on the bottom of the screen.
  • Tableau Prep Conductor – In Tableau 2019.2 server admins have the control to allow end users to see the list of safe locations in Tableau Prep Builder, so they know what locations to use.
  • New Tableau home screen – Arrive to a new home page on Tableau Server and Online that displays personally relevant content upfront. Get quick access to favorites and recents, and discover new content through popular views. Additionally, a welcome screen will walk new users through relevant actions based on their role.
  • Identity Based Activation – With identity-based product activations, Tableau administrators can easily reallocate licenses when teams change, activate licenses remotely at time of upgrade, and gain the visibility they need into how many licenses are being used across all product types.
  • Site start page – Admins for Tableau Server and Online can now set a start page for the entire site, controlling where all users land when signing-in.
  • Create and edit parameters in the browser – Parameters are dynamic values for use in calculations, filters, and reference lines. Now you can create and edit them in the browser and stay in the flow of your analysis.
    Check out the Create Parameters documentation.
  • Drop Field Menu on the Web – Now you can Right Click + Drag to get the Drop Field menu to change field aggregation when working in Web Authoring.
  • Pivotal Greenplum Spatial Support – When using spatial data from Pivotal Greenplum you now will be able to see the field when preparing the data, drop the field on to the viz to see the data, and use Custom SQL and RAWSQL to leverage spatial operations supported by the database.
  • Spatial calculations support: MakePoint & MakeLine – You can now easily create two-point origin-destination maps, perfect for making flight maps of airline routes. Also, with MakePoint, you can spatially enable text files and excel spreadsheets, making it easier to spatially aggregate your data.

Using MakePoint

  1. Using a data source containing custom Latitude and Longitude fields.
  2. Create a new Calculated Field.
  3. Type out and insert the desired fields : MAKEPOINT([Latitude],[Longitude])

4. Click Ok, double click the newly created Calc pill to create a new map viz or add it to the viz.

Create intersects Join Using MakePoint Calc

  1. Use a data source containing custom Latitude and Longitude fields.
  2. Connect to new data source / Access existing data source and switch to data source tab.
  3. Ensure there are pills to Join in join area.
  4. Click on the Join indicator to open Join Edit dialog.
  5. Select option to “Create Join Calculation” from the Clause drop down.
  6. Create a new calculation using MakePoint: MakePoint( [Lat Field] , [Long Field] ) )
  • Online Help Feedback Form – The Feedback form in the Online Help website was updated for both desktop and mobile. Users will be able to see a button that will take them to the new form at the bottom of the page.
  • Online Help for New Languages – We are adding 2 new languages, Traditional Chinese (zh_TW) and British English (en_GB) to all Tableau products (Product UI/Online Help) in 2019.2.
  • Show/hide sort controls – Authors can now preserve the sort order they’ve set on their worksheet by disabling the ability to one-click sort. Rest assured that end-users are always interacting with your data as you intended, for the best dashboard experience.
  • Create and save private custom views as a Viewer – Now as a Viewer, you can save private, custom views in dashboards you care about, filtered to the information you want to see. Jump back in and get the information you need, quickly and easily every time.
  • Biometric sign-in for Tableau Mobile – Sign in once and then rely on touch ID and biometrics for future authentication. Use with long-lived tokens for an additional layer of security.
  • Connector improvements – New support for ServiceNow instances hosted on-prem and access to more Marketo tables.
  • Admin views for flow resource governance – See and understand your flow resourcing needs with admin views of flow runs. Know when you need to put more resources toward concurrently running flows.

Note: These features are subject to change.

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