DataViz as Art:  Big Game Fish, Complete Map Illustrated, Fresh and Salt Water Fishing


Last night, my wife and I were watching American Pickers. I am a true antiquer and love the items found on this show.

Mike Wolfe, one of the stars of the show, picked the 1936 Big Game Fish Map created by Joe Godfrey Jr. and Gordon Ertz in 1936. I was able to find a copy of this map and all of its particulars in the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection (Click link to go to the site).

Below are the particulars and then some screenshot snippets of the map.

Gone fishing.




David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

Author: Godfrey Jr., Joe
Author: Ertz, Gordon (1891-?)
Date: 1936
Short Title: Big Game Fish.
Publisher: Joe Godfrey, Jr.
Type: Separate Map
Obj Height cm: 87
Obj Width cm: 93

The pictorial border depicts 56 kinds of fish. Main map has fishermen with a hooked fish on most states. No fisher-women. Includes records for various fish. Four small round inset maps at the lower left show Panama, the Hawaiian Islands, New Zealand, and Tahiti, with listings of the fish found in those places. Three inset text blocks list: “Famous Fishing Tournaments”, “Famous Big Game Fishing Clubs”, and “Twenty-two World-famous Places to Go Fishing”.

World Area: North America
Subject: Fishing
Subject: Pictorial map
Full Title: Big Game Fish, Complete Map Illustrated, Fresh and Salt Water Fishing.

Big Game Fish Snippet - 0

Big Game Fish Snippet - 1

Big Game Fish Snippet - 2

Big Game Fish Snippet - 3

Big Game Fish Snippet - 4

Big Game Fish Snippet - 6

Big Game Fish Snippet - 5


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