Infographic: The 50 State Capitol Buildings of the United States Illustrated to Scale

Much like the United States Capitol, known as the White House, each state’s government has its own government which is headquartered in a state capitol building. This building, and the government housed within is limited to dealing with matters relevant to the state and coordinating with the federal government. The state capitol address is usually located within the capital city of that state. For example, the Arizona State Capitol is the headquarters of Arizona’s state government and is located in Phoenix, the capital of that state. The same is true for the Texas State Capitol, Washington State Capitol, Colorado State Capitol, and so on.

This infographic, from Alan’s Factory Outlet, reveals information about the state capitols of all 50 states, when it was built, how much it cost (before and after inflation), how many state employees there are in that state per 10,000 population, and to top it all off, each building is shown to scale so you can easily compare the size of each of the capitol buildings.


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