Kantar LogoThe shortlist for the Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards 2017 were announced Thursday 19 October.

Celebrating global excellence in data visualization, infographics and information design, the Awards give $20,000 across eight new subject-based categories in 2017.

From gender and cyberbulling to global issues of terror, migration and climate change, graphics cut through accusations of ‘fake news’ to tell stories about what matters to people right now, whether it ’s the music of David Bowie and how hip hop is turning on Donald Trump, or where to get a good meal in New York.

Data visualizers are expanding the definition of infographics, moving beyond pencil and paper to creating innovative projects including a font made of data and physical data objects made from materials including clay pottery and cigarettes.

The awards also highlight new and exciting markets for data visualization in the non-English speaking world, including two shortlistees from India and a record number from China.

Over the next week, I will be showcasing several entries on the shortlist that I particularly liked. You can also review all of the shortlist entries at http://www.informationisbeautifulawards.com.

Below is the first entry I am showcasing this week.

Best regards,


On Their Way: the Journey of Foreign Fighters by DensityDesign Lab

In the context of understanding the complex phenomenon of violent religious radicalization, this map details the journey of ISIS’ foreign fighters to the territories of the Caliphate, as well as of those who return. Starting from publicly available data, additional layers of information show how this phenomenon relates to the distance of each country from the destination, its total population and Islamic population.

The artwork was published on “La Lettura”, the cultural supplement of “Corriere Della Sera”.

The creator of this work has supplied multiple images, please click here to view.


Serena Del Nero, Marco Mezzadra, Claudia Pazzaglia, Alessandro Riva, Alessandro Zotta








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