Infographic: Mavericks & Heretics (Information is Beautiful)


Avatar David McCandlessDavid McCandless and the great folks at Information is Beautiful have created another great interactive infographic.

Their new interactive infographic, Mavericks & Heretics, visualizes the maverick scientists who heretical ideas were proven correct…eventually. Some were even beaten or killed for proposing these ideas and thoughts to open society.

In this troubling times of “Fake News”, it is important we remember these scientists who risked it all to get important ideas in front of the people; ideas that would improve our lives and make this a better world to live in.

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Click on the image below or click here
to experiment with their interactive version.

Mavericks and Heretics Infographic


Design, concept & analysis: David McCandless
Additional design: Phillipa Thomas
Interactive design & code: Fabio Bergamaschi
Research: Andrew Key, Ella Hollowood

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