Interactive Visualization: 50 Years Ago – University of Texas – Austin Mass Shooting

The University of Texas Tower is shown Monday, July 31, 2006, in Austin, Texas. Charles Whitman fired shots from the observation deck of the tower Aug. 1, 1966. The snipings by the former Eagle Scout, former Marine, former University of Texas student took the lives of 16 and wounded 31. (AP Photo/Harry Cabluck)


Charles AppleIt’s no secret I have been a fan of Charles Apple’s work for a long time. I have blogged about him and his work in the past (see “Charles Apple” in my Categories or do a search for “Charles Apple” on my blog).

Charles Apple (photo, right) is a longtime news artist, graphics reporter, designer, editor and blogger. The former graphics director of the Virginian-Pilot and the Des Moines Register, he spent five years as an international consultant and instructor. Currently, he is Deputy Design Director for the Houston Chronicle.

Last week, Charles Apple, Rachael Kay Gleason and Ken Ellis, published a heartbreaking interactive look at that awful day on the University of Texas-Austin campus 50 years ago.

I have my own story related to this. When I was attending Texas A&M University as an undergrad, I needed a few courses that were not offered at A&M that summer, so I went to Austin and took them at The University of Texas-Austin. I lived in one of the dorms for the summer. On the first night there, my roommate, took me for a walk around campus and showed me bullet holes from the shooting that still pierced the marble walls near the steps where, if you look up from the steps, you can see where the sniper was shooting from in the tower.

Years later, I brought some friends to campus, but the University had remodeled that area and the marble slabs with bullet holes had been removed.

This morning, I was watching a special on CBS Sunday News about the shooting and thought I would share Charles’ innovative and creative interactive visualization on what happened on a hot August day, on The University of Texas campus in Austin, Texas 50 years ago.

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Click on the image below to interactively view the visualization.

Austin Shooting 1



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