Infographic: Rain Forest (bosque lluvioso)



Today I want to showcase one of the beautiful infographics created by Manuel Canales.


Manuel Canales was born in Liberia and went to live in San Jose when he was eight years old. He is the only one of four siblings who did not return to his beloved Guanacaste, although he admits that he misses the freedom that he feels when walking through its forests and grassland farms.

He studied design at Veritas University and then majored in advertising design at the University of Science and Art. He worked doing a little of everything -from a little boy at a hardware store carrying bags of cement, a cashier in a supermarket, selling surf items, conducting surveys in outlying areas, to being a high school art teacher-. He says the experiences taught him a lot about teamwork and valuing work. “It gets you accustomed to the idea that it is a job, not a game. It makes you aware of life’s challenges.”

In 2000, Viva magazine hired him to do portrait-style caricatures and after a few months, the head of the design department transferred him to the newly formed infographics department. “The first thing I did was ask what infographics were. Nobody knew what they were.”

Over the years he not only learned what infographics are – graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly-, but also became an expert on the subject and a role model for many other designers, winning international awards like the Malofiej, an award that since 1993 has been recognizing the best graphics published in print and online around the world.

The secret of his success is that when he communicates everything he learned to the reader, he does so in a simple way that isn’t stifling. “It is important to remember that you don’t publish for other infographic designers. The idea is not to complicate it for the reader.” [1]


[1] Emiliana Garcia, The Bionic Eye of Manuel Canales, La Voz de Guanacaste, February 24, 2015.



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