Infographic: 730 North American Birds In A Single Chart

730 Birds

Pop Chart Labs’ latest looks like it came off the wall of a science class in the 1970s.

Whether they’re fat pigeons waddling on the subway platforms or a raven crying “nevermore” on your mantel, America is filled with birds: over 730 distinct species, all flapping, squawking, and strutting across this great country of ours. So leave Brooklyn’s Pop Chart Labs to put all of them into a single chart, worthy of John James Audubon himself.

Sized to scale, Pop Chart’s Birds of North America contains all of the country’s birds on a single 39-inch by 27-inch chart. They’re separated into groups and subgroups, including perching birds, owls, shorebirds, gulls, auks, cuckoos, and allies—plus the terrifying-sounding “Diurnal Birds of Prey.”

According to Pop Chart, the infographic covers all of the continent’s avi-faunas, from common sparrows, jays, and owls to rarer birds such as the Greater Sage-Grouse, the California Condor, and the Whooping Crane. So until we discover some new North American bird species—or more likely lose some—this chart will remain the last word on the nation’s ornithological wonders.

Like all Pop Chart prints, the Birds of North America poster is printed on 100 lb. archival stock. It can be purchased here starting at $38.

[All Images: via Pop Chart Lab]

Source: John Brownlee, Fast Company, October 29, 2015.

730 Birds Detail

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