Tapestry Conference 2015: Interesting Visualizations From Presentations (and more Odds and Ends) – Part 1


More great information from the Tapestry Conference.



The Graduate Athens – From Hotel Directory

IMG_2689 IMG_2690

Chad Skelton – Income Calculator (White Male vs Black Women) – Inequality in Earning Income for the Same Job

Tapestry Income Calculator


Tapestry Income Calculator White Male


Tapestry Income Calculator Black Female

More Catherine Madden (#catmule) Sketches

B_TSRFjW8AATDpy.jpg large

RJ Andrews, Info We Trust, Creative Routines

creative routines - close up

“We all have the same 24 hours that Beyoncé has” and its various iterations took the web by storm in late 2013 as the megastar became the figurehead of not only having it all, but being able to somehow do it all too.

How do creatives – composers, painters, writers, scientists, philosophers – find the time to produce their opus? Mason Currey investigated the rigid Daily Rituals that hundreds of creatives practiced in order to carve out time, every day, to work their craft. Some kept to the same disciplined regimen for decades while others locked in patterns only while working on specific works.



Kim Rees, Periscopic.com, How Nations Fare in PhDs by Sex [Click Image to Watch Interactive Visualization]

How Nations Fare in Ph.Ds by Sex

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