Infographic: Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh by the Numbers


I grew up a Big-10 fan. Most of my family either went to The University of Michigan or Michigan State University. I loved Bo-Woody football and still root for the Big-10 even though I have been living out in the Western region of the country my entire adult life. Bowl season has been painful for the Big-10 in the past; particularly the Rose Bowl. But I still root and get excited when they pull out a Rose Bowl win.

I, like thousands of other folks, was thrilled when Jim Harbaugh agreed to become Michigan’s new coach yesterday. I have been a big fan of Coach Harbaugh for many years and feel it is the right fit for Michigan as a school and as a football team.

Here was a nice infographic I found related to stats on Coach Harbaugh.

I hope all of you have a nice New Year’s and are healthy, happy and prosperous.

Best regards,


Jim Harbaugh

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