Infographic: Weapons and Mass Shootings (Richard Johnson)

Richard Johnson ImageOne of my favorite illustrators is Richard Johnson. If you search on his name on my blog site, you will see several different examples of his work I have highlighted before.

Richard most recent infographic is titled Weapons and Mass Shootings. Here are Richard’s thoughts about creating this infographic.

I’d like to say this one was quick but it would be a lie. This one took all week to sort through all of the fantastic data collected by Mother Jones and then update it with the last two years data. The key point that struck us, that we attempted to highlight in the top graphic, was the somewhat surprising percentage of legally purchased firearms used. Then we dug a little deeper and looked at the killers with known mental issues. The victims. Then a look at race and age of the killers. Two artists drawing all the weapons and a data nerd and a programmer for the web version. Three days. In Monday’s Washington Post, probably, maybe.

If you mouse over a weapon, you will see the details about a particular shooting (see screenshot below).

I have also included below the full infographic from Richard. You can visit Richard’s personal website at

It is a beautiful infographic, but a sad reality that exists in the USA.

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What you see when you mouse over

Weapons and Mass Shootings - Mouse Over


The complete infographic

Weapons and Mass Shootings

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