Infographic: This Gargantuan Godzilla Graphic is Great (Charles Apple)


charlesappleHere is another blog post from Charles Apple’s blog about a great graphic about Godzilla created by Adolfo Arranz. With the movie now in theatres and throngs going to see it, I thought I would share Charle’s comments and Adolfo’s graphic.



Adolfo Arranz and Godzilla

Adolfo Arranz built a really cool graphic about Godzilla for last Friday’s South China Morning Post in Hong Kong.

Click for a much larger look:

Godzilla is Back
Godzilla is Back

There’s so much graphic goodness here to love. There’s this bit, showing how Godzilla was originally designed with the most interesting parts of three different dinosaurs.


This bit shows how the original Godzilla costume fit.


This illustrates the new Godzilla, who looked so natural in the water.


There are breakouts on Godzilla’s little playmates.



And, of course, the obligatory bit on the much larger size of the monster in the new movie.


Adolfo tells us his…

…graphic combines digital hand draw with vector work.


I drew the monsters with a Wacom tablet and Corel Painter software…


…and finished in Adobe Illustrator.

Research was done through the Internet — many crazy websites.

I had a very busy week with other projects and finally I could not dedicate time to the graphic work I had wanted.

Well, gee, I can’t see how this piece could have been much better. It’s gorgeous and it’s a fun read.


Adolfo has been at the South China Morning Post for the past three years. Previously, Adolfo worked as an infographics artist for Madrid’s el Mundo.

Adolfo Arranz
Adolfo Arranz

Find his portfolio here and here and his blog here.


Source: Charles Apple, This gargantuan Godzilla graphic is great, May 21, 2014,

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  1. Really cool, Michael.

    Regards, Jim

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