Infographic: The Top 20 Biggest Football Stadiums in the World


I often get e-mails from people who are interested in me blogging about the data visualizations or infographics they have created. I am honored that they consider my blog site for this and am more than willing to help promote people’s work.

Mads PhikamphonI received an e-mail today from Mads Phikamphon, from  MightyGoods, that he saw my infographic about the Arizona Cardinals amazing football stadium. He asked if I would share an infographic they have created which shows the Top 20 Biggest Football Stadiums in the World.

So, here is Mads’ infographic. Mads thinks it’s quite interesting that the biggest stadium in the world is in North Korea – and that number 2 and 3 are in India and Malaysia (he didn’t expect that when they decided to make the infographic). Mads also points out that the different stadium architecture are quite interesting too.

If you have a unique data visualization or infographic you would like me to share, please don’t hesitate to send me a JPG or PNG file and a brief description of your motivation for creating it.

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Top 20 Football Statiums

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