Infographic: What is actually in fruitcake?

Large Sliced Deluxe FruitcakeI love fruitcake. For the past 25+ years, I have been buying fruitcakes from The Collin Street Bakery that is world-renowned for its fruitcakes. The business, opened in 1896, is located in Corsicana, Texas and ships to all 50 states, U.S. possessions and 195 foreign lands. The Bakery is the recipient of the president’s coveted “E-Award.”

Some of the characteristics of their fruitcake are:

  • Each fruitcake is the perfect balance of native pecans (27%), shelled in Corsicana, Texas.
  • Hand-picked Golden sweet pineapple and lush papaya, from our own farms in Costa Rica.
  • Ripe, red cherries from Oregon and Washington State.
  • Pure clover honey, plump golden raisins.
  • Refrigerated, the Deluxe fruitcake stays moist and delicious for months.

Collin Street Bakery

Fruitcake has been a Christmas staple for decades. And it has been a mystery to people for just as long. The age-old question surrounding fruitcake is always, “Just what is it that I’m actually eating…?” In the spirit of Christmas and holiday traditions, I found this infographic by that dissects the fruitcake. We know there are lots of fruitcake recipes out there, but here is just one example of all the ingredients that can go into the elusive Christmas “treat.” Grab a fork and dive in, everyone! Let them eat (fruit)cake!


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