Day Six of My Seven Days of Christmas Infographics: The Cost of the Twelve Days of Christmas

Most Americans can probably easily rattle off the 12 days of Christmas. The song recounts someone giving their significant other some incredibly odd gifts for the course of 12 days during Christmas time. I’m not sure what use I personally would have with “six geese a laying” or “seven swans a swimming” but I’m sure at some point in history these would have been incredibly romantic gestures.

And, apparently, expensive ones.

The Atlantic‘s Derek Thompson recently published this amazing infographic showing the true cost of the 12 days of Christmas, also highlighting the fact that thanks to inflation, how the 12 days of Christmas have become increasingly costly over the course of the past 30 years.

Apparently the cheapest gift to get your lover off of this list are the “eight maids a milking” which will only cost you 58 bucks. Both the “nine ladies dancing” and “11 pipers piping” however, will set you back nearly eight grand.

If any of you are looking to buy me something nice this Christmas, I suppose I’d settle for the “two turtle doves.” At $125 this seems to be a sensible present.

Source: Tess VandenDolder, Staff Writer, Politics, InTheCapital


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