Infographic: United States Flag Laws

For any nation, the flag is a source of great pride, whether it’s being flown on a national holiday or being waved in the air at a sporting event. This is certainly no exception in the United States. The American flag has become just as much a part of the American identity as baseball, apple pie and fruited plains.

In fact, so important is the flag to the people of America that there are several laws in place to make sure that it is flown, stored, and cared for properly. They range from the simple rules of respect (don’t put any marks or drawings on the flag) to the slightly more specific (how a flag should be raised to half-mast).

This infographic breaks down all of these laws, and also takes a look at how the American flag has evolved throughout history, from 15 stars at the beginning to the 50 we know today.

U.S. Flag Laws

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