John Grimwade is graphics director of Condé Nast Traveler magazine (based in New York) and has his own information graphics business ( He has produced infographics for more than 30 major magazines and several books. Before moving to the United States, he worked for 14 years in newspapers in London (including six years as head of graphics at The Times). He co-hosts the annual Malofiej “Show Don’t Tell” infographics workshop in Pamplona, Spain, and teaches information graphics at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. Source: Alberto Cairo, The Functional Art, 2012.

VIDEO BELOW: John Grimwade, the Director of Information Graphics at Conde Nast Traveler and Portfolio magazines discusses how he creates his beautiful graphic illustrations with former Newsweek graphics director, Karl Gude. This video is from 2007, but I still feel it resonates true today. [SOURCE]

John Grimwade, Director of Information Graphics at Conde Nast Traveler

Below are some examples of Mr. Grimwade’s amazing work.

D42M63 M58 M57 M54 M46 M35 M29 M23 M18  D41 D37

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  1. Hi, it looks like the video above isn’t working. Do you know where I could find it? I can’t seem to find it anywhere else. Thanks!


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