January 26, 2013

Welcome to My Data Journey

Michael SandbergWelcome to my first blog. I have many things I want to blog about. Some of my main topics will be:

  • Data Visualization
  • Business Intelligence
  • Historical Aspects of Data Visualization
  • Storytelling
  • BI tools like MicroStrategy and Tableau
  • Hadoop
  • Infographics (the world of Alberto Cairo)
  • Thoughts on Stephen Few’s musings
  • Interesting Photography
    …and the list could keep going

I am a Senior BI Solutions Architect by trade. My mantra that I  preach to everyone (or anyone who will listen) is to get our business partners excited about their data. Now the way to do that could come in many different forms: great data visualization, self-service BI, properly organized data that is easy to access, ask questions, and provide actionable insights.

I hope you will come back often in the early days of my blog to see how I am progressing. This is definitely a work in progress. I see many fast, iterations at designing and redesigning the look-and-feel of the blog site. I will try to provide an in-depth blog each week. I have a few of my favorite topics percolating in my mind and you should be seeing them soon.

Thank you for stopping by. Please pass along my blog link to your friends. It is: http://www.datavizblog.com.

Best regards,


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