Your car gets towed, and who do you blame? Yourself? God no, you blame that impossibly confusing parking sign. It’s a fair accusation, really. Of all the questionable communication tools our cities use, parking signs are easily among the worst offenders. There are arrows pointing every which way, ambiguous meter instructions and permit requirements. A […]

Saw this on Facebook posted by Charles Apple from the Orange County Register. Notre Dame plays Southern Cal for the 85th time this weekend. For yesterday’s Focus page (October 18, 2013), Kurt Snibbe recaps their first meeting in 1926.

Photo by Jesse Means Note: This is first from Pete Warden’s Blog titled Why You Should Never Trust a Data Scientist and then John Burn-Murdoch‘s article in The Guardian Why you should never trust a data visualization. I encourage you to first read Pete’s blog and then come back and read John’s article below. Best […]