Kasia Gasiewska-Holc Bio Kasia is a Marketing Data Analyst at Refinitiv. At work, she’s responsible for building actionable and insightful Tableau dashboards for a variety of teams across the business, with a strong focus on analyzing marketing data. After work, she’s also a wedding stationery designer and an avid calligrapher. She tries to combine her […]

Readers: Amy Lara of Carportcentral.com sent me this infographic that explains the colors and symbols used in flags throughout the world. I found it very interesting and informative and thought I would share. For others who have interesting infographics and data visualizations you would like to share, please send them to me at tableau@cox.net. I will consider all submittals for posting. Best […]

Source: Quillen, Abby, The Workforce’s Newest Members: Generation Z, ZeroCater.com, June 4, 2018, https://zerocater.com/blog/2018/06/04/workforce-newest-members-generation-z/.

Today is National Toast Day. How Is The Date For Toast Day Calculated? Per whatnationaldayisit.com, the day shown for ‘National Toast Day’ is based off how much chitter-chatter and buzz there was on Feb. 23, 2016, across social media making references to ‘Toast Day’. Their algorithms examined all of the references to National Days across social […]

Zach Bowders Bio Zach has been with ALSAC St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for 11 years and has served as an IT developer, Business Analyst, and Data Analyst. He received his MBA, Marketing, and ITS degrees from the University of Memphis. He is co-leader of the Memphis TUG and frequent #MakeoverMonday contributor. QUESTIONS Link: https://public.tableau.com/profile/zach.bowders#!/vizhome/RatRaceNewYorksRatWar/RatRace […]