MicroStrategy Tips & Tricks


Here’s a list of all of the posted MicroStrategy Tips & Tricks. I will update this page after every five new tips & tricks have been added.

Last Updated: November 23, 2014

Click on the tip & trick names below to see their respective blog post.

Tip# Name Date Posted
1 Tips & Tricks #1: How to filter more than one substring in the Find search box when selecting a long list of elements from a dynamic prompt list January 27, 2014
2 Tips & Tricks #2: In MicroStrategy Web, Report Execution Fails with Error ‘Results for this message cannot be retrieved from MicroStrategy Intelligence Server. This might be because the execution has failed. Please contact your administrator.’ February 4, 2014
3 Tips & Tricks #3: How to Define Custom Subtotal Displays in MicroStrategy Desktop February 11, 2014
4 Tips & Tricks #4: How to Create N-Level Deep Nested Prompts in MicroStrategy Developer (Desktop) February 15, 2014
5 Tips & Tricks #5: Designing MicroStrategy Documents for Exporting to Excel February 21, 2014
6 Tips & Tricks #6: How the Incremental Refresh Option Works in MicroStrategy 9.4.x February 27, 2014
7 Tips & Tricks #7: How to Enable or Disable Match Case Sensitivity for Prompts using MicroStrategy Web March 4, 2014
8 Tips & Tricks #8: MicroStrategy VLDB Properties Hierarchy March 10, 2014
9 Tips & Tricks #9: How Do Changes on the Source Report (Dataset) Get Reflected in MicroStrategy Report Services 9.x Documents April 11, 2014
10 Tips & Tricks #10: How to Remove the Underlining from Hyperlinks Created on an Attribute or Metric April 22, 2014
11 Tips & Tricks #11: The URL path is not visible in the report properties dialog box in MicroStrategy Web June 7, 2014
12 Tips & Tricks #12: How to Troubleshoot Cross Joins in SQL Reports for the SQL Generation Engine 9.x September 19, 2014
13 Tips & Tricks #13: Star Schema in MicroStrategy October 6, 2014
14 Tips & Tricks # 14: How Attribute Roles Work in MicroStrategy October 26, 2014

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  1. Hi Michael ,

    We all love your documents are created .Please create more when you are free

    Thanks a lot


  2. Hi Michael,
    Thanks a lot by providing all this valuable information. Do you have any doc related to Microstrategy office installation and configuration on Linux env ?

    Thanks PK

  3. Hi Michael,
    Great info. Microstrategy links are not opening their respective blogs, its going to microstrategyexamprep.com site.


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