My Favorite Data Visualization Blogs

Photo by Denis Cherim
Photo by Denis Cherim

Here’s a list of some of my favorite data visualization blogs. They are in no particular order.

Last Updated: October 29, 2018

Click on the blog name link below to see their respective blog.

Blog Name Author/Run By Date Added
Information is Beautiful Information is Beautiful David McCandless August 26, 2018
Feedspot Feedspot DataViz Blogs Feedspot August 27, 2018
David Napoli David Napoli David Napoli August 27, 2018
andy-kriebel VizWiz Andy Kriebel August 26, 2018
Jeffrey A. Shaffer Data + Science Jeffrey A. Shaffer August 26, 2018
Tableau Software Logo Tableau Reference Guide Jeffrey A. Shaffer August 26, 2018
Joshua Milligan VizPainter Joshua Milligan August 26, 2018
Bridget Cogley TableauFit Bridget Cogley August 26, 2018
Ann Jackson Jackson Two Ann Jackson August 26, 2018
Lilach Manheim Data Bard Lilach Manheim August 26, 2018
Alberto Cairo The Functional Art Alberto Cairo August 26, 2018
Stephen Few Perceptual Edge Stephen Few August 26, 2018
Edward Tufte Edward Tufte Edward Tufte August 26, 2018
Robert Rouse Interworks – Robert Rouse Robert Rouse August 26, 2018
Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic Storytelling With Data Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic August 26, 2018
Data Duo The Data Duo Pooja Gandhi / Adam Crahen August 26, 2018
Sarah Bartlett Sarah Loves Data Sarah Bartlett August 26, 2018
Ken Flerlage Ken Flerlage Ken Flerlage August 26, 2018
Lindsay Betzendahl Viz Zen Data Lindsay Betzendahl August 26, 2018
Jonathan Drummey Drawing With Numbers Jonathan Drummey August 26, 2018
Simon Beaumont Vizionary Simon Beaumont August 26, 2018
Ben Jones DataRemixed Ben Jones August 26, 2018
Sarah Sarah Battersby Sarah Battersby August 27, 2018
Information Lab The Information Lab Blog The Information Lab August 27, 2018
Nathan Yau FlowingData Nathan Yau August 26, 2018
Robert Kosara Eagereyes Robert Kosara August 26, 2018
Kaiser Fung Junk Charts Kaiser Fung August 26, 2018
Mike - Headshot Mike Vizneros Mike Cisneros August 26, 2018
Kevin Flerlage Kevin Flerlage Kevin Flerlage October 29, 2018

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