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  1. […] Fleet management: Santa’s primary means of transport is a sleigh pulled by eight reindeers and Rudolph, who lights the way and takes care of risk management during transport. The sleigh is notoriously open and always travels with a full load, so the pack on board has to be carefully placed and secured. The number of trips that are made in a night is unknown. Rudolph the reindeer replies bitterly: “I’m sorry, I would like to be able to make these data public, especially to make them available for research, but we are afraid that it might be sensitive information for our competitors. We have seen several articles online with companies trying to figure out how they could perform the service in our place.”. Next time I will try to enter into a non-disclosure agreement with Rudolph to better understand the sledge’s load and the number of trips. I have reason to suspect that one of the articles Rudolph refers to is this one. […]


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