Month: December 2013

Interactive Data Visualization: Political Party Control by State

In the December 28, 2013 digital edition of The Washington Post, Kennedy Elliott and Dan Balz published an interactive data visualization titled Party Control by State. The recent gridlock in Congress has been blamed on political polarity — increasingly antagonistic political ideologies among Democrats and Republicans, with neither party in full control. But states are circumventing…

Party Control by State

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Infographic: Know Your Movie Monsters

Movie monsters come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny Gremlins (don’t feed them after midnight!) to the towering Godzilla. But it’s a mistake to assume that just because they might be destructive, ugly, and extraordinarily grumpy, that they are all innately evil. Many are just misunderstood. Yahoo! Movies created an infographic where they classified their…

Know Your Movie Monsters

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