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Graph: How Winning Relates to Salary for the Top NFL Quarterbacks

QB Pay Graph

The old adage “You get what you pay for” applies in most situations. Apparently not in the NFL.

With the 2014 season in the books, SI.com compiled a list of the 25 highest-paid quarterbacks in terms of yearly average salary (data via Spotrac.com) and charted how they fared, as measured by wins.

QB Wins vs. Salary

Some of the results were expected. Aaron Rodgers, currently the highest-paid signal-caller in the NFL, is tied for the NFL lead among quarterbacks with 12 victories. Joining him at the top of the standings: Peyton Manning (No. 5 on the salary ranking), Tony Romo (No. 8) and Tom Brady (a bargain at No. 16).

Others surprised. NFC South quarterbacks looked egregiously overpaid this season, with Matt Ryan (the NFL’s second-highest paid quarterback), Drew Brees (No. 4) and Cam Newton (No. 20 as he’s still on his rookie-scale contract) all tallying seven wins or fewer. Jay Cutler’s deal (his $120M extension made him the fifth-highest paid quarterback) looks so bad that Phil Emery, the Bears’ GM who gave it to him, lost his job. Two quarterbacks (Sam Bradford and Matt Schaub) were paid nearly $20M combined last season … and won zero games.

Bargains do exist. Andrew Luck, who won 11 games, ranked 19th among all quarterbacks in pay. Recently retired Bills QB Kyle Orton won seven games for Buffalo, but didn’t even crack the top 20 in salary.

Find a full list below.



Source: si.com

Infographic: NFL East Stadiums Lead in Energy Efficiency


Hannah Cooley, from Lamps.com, sent me this infographic.

Hannah noted,

October. Leaves changing color, pumpkin spiced everything, and National

Energy Awareness Month! Lamps.com is celebrating this important month by highlighting another October staple – Football! Many NFL teams have taken great strides to “go green” and make their stadiums as energy-efficient as possible. From solar panels to car charging stations, check out which teams are dominating the game!

October is not only a time when the NFL football season swings into full gear, but also National Energy Awareness Month. There are actually significant parallels between the two, as more and more NFL teams have taken important strides in energy conservation within their stadiums. In honor of this important month, Lamps.com decided to combine these passions – Energy Conservation and the National Football League – into a helpful infographic. As you will see, the Philadelphia Eagles (ironically Lamps.com’s hometown team) seem to have the most green stadium and appear to be the most energy-conscious NFL franchise.

With the long-time rivalry of the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants scheduled in the month of energy awareness, they decided it would be fun to point out how these two match up in energy efficiency and highlight other NFL teams who lead in energy-saving initiatives. Needless to say, the whole NFC East comes out on top, but really it’s the Eagles who shine green!

*  Let the wind blow!  Lincoln Financial Field is the only NFL stadium to invest in wind turbines turning the Linc into an energy producer.

*  On the ground level, the battle of waste recycled has Philadelphia coming in with 99% versus the New York Giants at 33%.

*  Most of the NFL stadiums are investing big bucks in solar power in recent years, but let’s point out that the Giants have 1,350 and Philadelphia has 11,108… almost 10x the amount… Score!

*  San Francisco and New York have both spent billions on new stadium construction with only a portion on energy-efficient features.  Philadelphia’s overall costs have been significantly lower despite $30M in energy-saving upgrades.

*  Looking to charge your electric car?  You might need to drive a little west… although Philadelphia has yet to implement this function, they still led the league in almost ALL energy-efficient initiatives.  Go Eagles!

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Teams SavingsSources:

MOOC Course Infographics: A Study of the Effects of Penalties in the NFL

Here is the second MOOC Infographic class final project from one of my classmates that I wanted to share with you. It was a team project created by Jim Uden and Chad Luttrell.

Here is my final project.  We spent a lot of time with this and it still needs to be cleaned up a little bit.  I would guess that we broke new ground with this project as I suspect that this is the first use of a Sankey Diagram to analyze winning percentages in the NFL. We took a bit of a risk with this visualization and I hope that Minard (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Minard.png) would approve.

This page is obviously a little busy and the layout could be improved.  I thought of this as a print piece but certainly could add some interactivity to a web version that allows fans to select their favorite team etc.

This data set was sort of like a playground and I experimented with lots of techniques.  This kind of explains why there is a slope graph, scatter plot, sankey diagram, line graph and bar graph all on the same page! I had always wanted to do a sankey diagram and found a trial version of e!sankey that I used to set up the proper sizes etc and then recreated in Illustrator.  The slope graph and scatter plot were created in tableau and the rest were created in Excel.  The final piece was actually assembled in Excel as well and that did cause some limitations but I think it worked out OK in the end.

The main story was supposed to be about Penalties and their effect on winning but throughout the course of the exercise, I found other neat ways analyzing the data and tried to include some of them.  I thought that the “Where are Penalties Called” was kind of neat as the chart itself sort resembles a football field.

Anyway…It was a lot of work and a lot of fun and I look forward to any and all comments.


Jim Uden and Chad Luttrell

A Study of the Effects of Penalties in the NFL

[Click the image to enlarge]


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